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Introducing Syfer Security-as-a-Service

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Sean Gearin
Introducing Syfer Security-as-a-Service

Our new security-as-a-service product is a lightweight and high-powered first line of defense for homes and small businesses against online threats. 

Powerful yet simple, Syfer protects against security breaches by blocking children, guests, or employees from accessing compromised websites and infected links. It helps to protect all devices connected to the secured internet, that includes smartphones, security cameras, wireless printers, point-of-sale hardware, and other connected devices.

Syfer detects and blocks threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, botnets, viruses, and more by disrupting malicious network communications that can compromise your network. This means that devices connected to the secure internet are protected from communicating with these malicious domains.

Syfer takes a proactive approach to stop your network from becoming infected, rather than waiting to react once a problem occurs. The service is backed both by community threat intelligence and our AI-driven models which scan for, detect, and block novel threats in real-time.

For the provider, the service is extremely easy to deploy - it is fully integrated in the backend and does not require separate installation, use of additional hardware on-prem, firmware upgrades, or a truck-roll.

Our personalized portal provides users with anytime visibility into the activity in their network, displaying both a summary of internet traffic and also advising of threats blocked and other reporting over customizable time periods.

Real-time protection

Our service safeguards your devices using cloud-based security. It is constantly sweeping the internet using our AI-based models which scan for, detect, and block both known and novel threats in real-time.

Seamless coverage

All devices (including IoT) connected to your network are covered. No extra software or multiple licenses are needed.

Responsive support

Dedicated customer service is just an email away 365 days a year.

More control 

Content filtering allows businesses to restrict sites deemed inappropriate for their employees and customers.

Great value 

A low monthly cost providing tremendous value to protect your customers. No additional hardware, installations, or software fees.

Easy deployment

Everything happens in the back-end. No need for separate installation and costly equipment.

Anytime visibility

View a personalized dashboard that reflects your internet usage and threats to the network in real-time.

Additional protection

Our solution can enhance your current security efforts. Syfer safeguards devices from threats that other solutions, like anti-virus and firewalls, might not cover.

Click here to schedule a demo with our team to see how Syfer-as-a-service can help your organization.

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